Greta’s Time

By Reed MacMillan

It is time, Twenty-Twenty
To inaugurate new endings
To empty overflowing buckets of
outdated lists and to cease engaging in
boxing matches between
scientific upper-cuts
and data-driven jabs.
To halt our heavenly appeals
and civil discourse with polluted leaders.

It is our time, in Twenty-Twenty
To tackle modern fairytales
Projected on big and small screens
To choke on sweet habit-forming
doses derived from earth’s bounty
To speak about down-sizing
our selfies and our first-world loves.

It is time, homonins of Twenty-Twenty
To replace elegant gourmandise
and delicious distractions with
simple loaves and fewer fishes.
To gather in home and hearth
to hunt for sincere solutions
ignited through collective caring.

It is time, believers in Twenty-Twenty
To listen to Thunberg and Attenborough
To become quiet, see, feel, and hear
songbirds and re-read Carson’s Silent Spring
To incinerate 20th century sins
To compost productive soil
and grow lighter footprints together.