Привет (Hello) Русские Посетители (Russian Visitors)

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Red Lights Blinking! 

You may have heard the news that we are in a red lights blinking state related to Russia and it’s cyber security threats. On Monday, Dan Coates, the Director of National Intelligence (DNI),  warned that cyber threat warnings are “blinking red” with daily attempts by Russia and other foreign actors trying to undermine American democracy as well as water, aviation and electric systems.

For those of you who seek to defend Trump’s actions in Helsinki, or even for those of you have your hair on fire like me — let’s pause to think about what this means.

If the Russians can control our water, aviation and electric systems, and we need to recover basic infrastructure capability, do you think that is a simple matter? What if “Puerto Rico” post-hurricane was our daily reality? Let’s put water aside for a moment. Assume you lose electricity for more than a week. Not only will you be uncomfortable without a fan, A/C or heat, you will not be able to charge or use your electronics or televisions or radios, unless you have a generator. You will need to be able to get to your nearest gas station to get more fuel for your generator. Hope you have one.

These are just the few systems he mentioned. We already know that the Russians hacked our elections. Some people like to say “They have always interfered in the elections, what’s the big deal?” Really? I had totally missed that. Where is that evidence, and how is that comforting in any way? The same apologists also like to invoke the Trumpian Quid Pro Quo — in which he equates an adversary’s behavior with our own. What comes to my mind is his statement to Lester Holt “Do you think our country is so innocent?” Even if we are not so innocent — that does not mean we should accept the behavior from an adversary.

My own little tiny, minuscule to be precise, blog, which is written mostly for my own peace of mind has come under significant attacks from a wide range of nefarious and disgusting actors. In a week’s time, I am receiving about 50+ Russian comments to my blog! All in Russian.They are my main audience! So, I greet them as the title for this blog and also tell them politely in Russian to Отвянь!

I was hoping to add a nice graphic from the Cagle.com website which shows Putin popping out from inside the Donald matrioshka doll — but was very interested/sympathetic to find out that he has been hacked so much that he cannot keep up with it. Free speech? I think we are beyond blinking — that almost sounds cute. Oh yeah, when the power-grid gets hacked the red lights will stop blinking.

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